I’m soooo skilled

So while me and my sisters were watching Arthur we heard the doorbell ring and me and my twin knew it was people ghosting us, so we ran outside to go find them. As it turned out it was actually ding-dong dithers, not cool. And we didn’t find them at first, so we wen’t back inside and I went to go put on my pjs. But I wen’t to the window I heard some giggling and I went outside to find them by myself. I didn’t find them. So then when me and my twin were brushing our teeth we heard people talking. So we wen’t back outside again and we quietly wen’t towards the voices. When we got there I screamed “HEY GUYS!!!!” and then they all screamed! It was so funny! It ended up being my neighbor who is in 7th grade and like 4 of is friends. They asked if we wanted to come along with them but we couldn’t because SNL is on soon. Overall I’m very proud of myself for finding them. I’m such a try hard.